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Estryses Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Specific Body Treatments / Stretch Marks / Estryses /

Prevents, combats, reduces and repairs stretch marks caused by pregnancy, nursing, obesity, diet, periods of growth (puberty), and sports.

C.N.: 324434.3

Presentation: Plastic Tube 200 ml

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Estryses is a cream with a unique formula that reduces the depth, length and roughness of the stretch marks. Estryses contains a complex of reducing ingredients for stretch marks by moisturizing, revitalizing the skin, increasing its strength and elasticity, reducing flaccidity and stimulating collagen synthesis. It works by fighting the stiffness of the fibers, as it improves skin elasticity and reduces flaccidity acting directly on the stretch marks.

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Rosehip oil, Centella Asiatica, Peptides and a stretch mark reducing complex.

Anti-Stretch Mark treatment: Exfoliation is recommended once a week with Abradermol Microdermabrasion Cream, CN 234790.8) to promote penetration of active ingredients.

Preventive Maintenance Treatment: Apply on the treatment area Estryses Anti-Stetch Mark Lotion and Estryses Anti Stretch Mark Cream morning and night, using a circular massage until product is completely absorbed on the treatment area.

Intensive Shock Treatment : Follow the preventive or maintenance treatment, replacing the evenings Estryses Anti- Stretch Mark Serum Forte.