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Water paste formulated to protect, alleviate and repair possible irritations and redness of the baby's delicate and sensitive skin. The skin of the baby's bottom is very delicate and irritates easily. Moisture, contact with urine and feces, and rubbing the diaper can cause irritation and dermatitis.
- Cover and protector.
- Not occlusive.
- High tolerance.
- Easy to apply and clean easily.
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Line tested under pediatric and dermatological control. Formulated with extracts of natural plants: regenerants, painkillers and hydrants. Composed of, Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, phospholipids and panthenol.

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Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide form an effective barrier that protects and insulates the skin from moisture, urine and feces and rubbing of the diaper. Phospholipids and panthenol help to regenerate the skin, prevent dehydration and calm the feeling of discomfort.
Apply, at each diaper change, a generous layer of cream over the clean, dry baby's bottom. Its use is recommended from the birth of the baby.