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Nanocare Intimate Revitalizing Gel

Intimate Care / Nanocare /
Moisturizing cream gel especially suitable for vaginal dryness, vaginal muscle relaxation and loss of firmness and tone of the area.
NanoCare cream gel provides firmness, elasticity and tone the intimate area , improving comfort and sexual pleasure.
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The weakening or loosening of the muscles of the intime area can cause urinary incontinence , vaginal prolapse and sexual dysfunction , leading to a loss of self-esteem and impaired quality of life of patients.

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Glycerine, jojoba oil, TGF-b2 , SH-polypeptide 7, SH-polypeptide 45, Irish moss, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, empty liposomes, burdock extract, shea butter, lactic acid, DMAE, ergothioneine, lactoferrin, soya extract, coenzyme Q10.
Apply directly using the cannula. It should be applied in a horizontal position, preferably before going to bed. You are recommended to wait a couple of minutes before sitting up. Initial treatment: 2 times per week during 6 weeks. Maintenance treatment: only once a week.